WINNER! I Do Magazine Wedding Awards 2015

Wow! What a night that was!

I am absolutely delighted, humbled and blessed to have won the ‘I DO Magazine’ award for best Wedding Photographer for our region. The ceremony was held last night (19th May 2015) at Sheffield City Hall. There were some amazing suppliers who were nominated and awarded last night and I would like to pass on my congratulations to each and every one.

The awards are voted for by the people that really matter when it comes to judging my photography and services. It is decided by the lovely couples that I work with. This is why I am totally humbled by winning last night and I wish to thank all those that took the time to vote for me.

The award is even more appreciated given the very challenging personal journey that I have been on over the last year. What recent life experiences have taught me is that despite spending many hours worrying and questioning my future, photography is my calling and I am destined to do this.

I am now on an amazing life journey, enjoying the freedom of running my own photography business and earning a living. I am the happiest in my career than I have ever been.  I feel great!

I realise that success is not about awards, certificates or trophies and I would be foolish to think that this recent accolade means that I have arrived. Far from it!  I still have a long way to go, but one thing I know is that I am doing it the right way.  

The past is the past and it has all been part of a bigger journey which I still travel every day. Fate has been instrumental in taking some decisions out of my hands. I have learned to just roll with it and enjoy the ride. I also have amazing family and friends and they have supported me in so many ways and helped make all this possible.

I recently discovered another photographer who is such an inspiration to me. She too had some very challenging life experiences whilst getting to her destination. This lady is now one of the best wedding photographers in the world.  She tells me that it is not simply about taking a perfect photograph. It is about so much more.

If you were to ask my why I do this job, my answer would be simple ‘I love making people happy’.  I am not driven by financial gain.  Every day I strive to make people happy in the simplest of ways - a caring smile, replying quickly to an email, taking extra care editing an image, giving more of my time. The simplest of things are often all that is needed to let others know that I care and that they are important to me.  This is why I am so grateful and value every single vote I have received, it’s proof that my approach is important to people and the fact that they voted for me means I must be doing something right. 

I will leave with a final quote

“Talent is nothing without ambition…and the smallest bit of talent can be carried on the wings of sheer desire and hard work. Sure, it’s not as glamorous as leaving someone breathless, but it’s enough to make people happy. And the satisfaction of happiness is the salve I pour on my insecurity, making me stronger in the process.”

Jasmine Star

Amen to that!

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