Wedding Albums

The Finishing Touch

I came to the conclusion very early on, what most couples really want is to make their own decisions as to how they use their wedding images.

As standard I offer couples the flexibility and freedom of having their wedding images provided on a USB.

If you want to create your own canvas, or source prints from a local photo store then you have the freedom to do this. 

The USB offers simplicity and post wedding flexibility*.  

For the majority of couples this is all that is needed and I am happy to provide their images in this way.

*Please note I cannot be responsible for the print quality when your source your own products.


I often get asked about wedding albums. Do I offer them, how much are they and what are they like?

We all have different tastes, styles and ideas about what we want.

Your wedding album is a reflection of you!  A stunning keepsake and timeless reminder of your special day.

I will work with you to create your bespoke album or coffee table book, showcasing your favourite selected images collated in a unique and considered design.

I offer several options as stand alone albums and books.  All are different and cater for different tastes, styles and budgets.



If you are interested in having a bespoke wedding album or book designed by myself with over 20 years graphic design experience then please get in touch.

email me at or call on 07885 424244



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