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What I offer

I am always upfront about the fact that I do not have a studio. To be completely honest I am not sure it would even be something I'd want!   The additional overheads and limitations that come with a studio wouldn't suit my photographic style, my preference is always for a more relaxed, natural look and feel.

Your Home - Your Way

There are some incredible moments in our life stories and I am incredibly honoured to be included in one of them already; your wedding day. However I am confident that I have weddings pretty well covered now.

That said, I won't be giving them up anytime soon, but I am now looking at offering something as an addition to my services.

Simply offering weddings means that what I often miss out on is what happens after we have said our goodbyes.  This new home shoot is therefore the perfect opportunity for me to provide you with something extra.

What - When - How?

I will come to your home and take some photographs of you there. I like to work within a few areas around the home and I will be seeking areas with the best light, usually windows or open spaces.

I will spend about an hour (or so) with you taking different photographs that will work well together as a collection.

The best choices for colours are neutrals including your outfits. White is always good.  I also love using texture, so any blankets, rugs, etc are great to add and perfect for a little pop of colour.

After the shoot I will edit your images which are then added to your private online gallery which is password protected. You will also receive a separate password enabling a one time download of the images so you can store them on a device of your choosing.

What if my home isn't suitable?

If you are concerned that your home doesn't have the best light, or you don't have enough space or neutral colours then don't panic.

I am happy to invite you to my own home, which has plenty of space and great natural light.

Alternatively you may wish to use the home of a friend or relative, whatever works for you!

*Current government guidelines and restrictions will apply.

How much is it?

If the location for your shoot is within a 30 mile radius of my location of S43 4PX the price is £150. 

For enquiries beyond a 30 mile radius of S43 please contact me.

If you require a USB of your high resolution images, this can be purchased separately for £50

I also provide extensive products, including printed books, wall art, cards etc

How do we book a family photo shoot?

It's simple. 

Please email me at

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