Beautiful Timeless Wedding at Sheffield Town Hall

I was honoured to capture the intimate wedding of James and Victoria at Sheffield Town Hall.

It was a chilly January morning and Sheffield was already bustling with shoppers catching a bargain in the New Year sales.

There was a brief opportunity to capture the grand splendour of the Town Hall’s Victorian architecture whilst the guests were arriving.  James the Groom was already inside meeting with the Registrar and patiently awaiting the arrival of his bride to be.

Victoria arrived soon as the rain began to fall and made her way into the grand entrance hall whilst the final few guests took their seats. 

It was a beautiful ceremony with the couple’s children playing an integral part. 

The reception was held at The Florentine in Sheffield where guests celebrated with the happy couple enjoying a fantastic meal.

I said my goodbyes after the couple had cut the cake and left them partying on into the night with a live band.

It was a magical day for all that attended and I wish to extend my congratulations to Mr & Mrs Bingham from Marie Anson Photography.

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