2015 Review - A Year of New Beginnings

Now, as a full time Wedding Photographer it is with great pride that I look back on 2015 as the year which I really achieved my dream. This may baffle some who do not know the personal journey that brought me to my current destination, but those who do know the challenges I faced and understand how important it is that I can now say to myself “you did it lady!”

The past is just that and I now leave it parked to focus on moving forward. I chose to let go of the sadness, anger and hurt, all emotions which are very debilitating and by letting go I am in control once again.  I really couldn’t be happier and as I look back over this incredible year, both my personal and my professional achievements still surprise me.

Back in January I knew I had enough work to see me through the year, but more importantly I knew I had a great deal of support with many rooting for me to succeed. 

I have what I like to refer to as my ‘Evangelists’, the wonderful couples, friends and families that I have worked with or who know me personally and who choose to tell their friends and families about me. Also, in addition to this I have support from some amazing professionals and suppliers within the wedding industry. They now know who I am and have the belief that I am someone they can personally trust and recommend, this is very powerful for me and rather humbling as I never believed it possible.

Twelve months ago I didn’t think I would be looking back on a year with over 30 weddings under my belt and looking forward to a new year which will exceed that total by a clear mile.  That said, I do not judge my success by the quantity of weddings in my diary, it is not what I measure my growth by, just one extra booking in 2016 would have made me very happy.  What pleases me more than anything is that the enquiries, the recommendations, the bookings I receive are all down to me, my hard work and my efforts! That feeling of personal achievement is very powerful.

With so much positivity flowing through my veins I now look forward to a very productive 2016, working with some amazing couples, families and suppliers, but before I embark on a fresh new chapter I intend to revisit some of the wonderful memories from 2015 and showcase a small selection of my favourites from the thousands of images captured this year.

Finally I wish you all a very healthy and happy 2016 and may your own personal goals and dreams be within your reach!

Much love Marie xxx

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