Where do I begin with a review of 2016?  

It is virtually impossible to narrow down such an incredible year into 100 images, but that was the task I set myself. 

Given that there are easily over 200,000 images that have been captured on wedding days in 2016 alone, (not including engagement shoots) I knew I would have to be incredibly ruthless and it would be at the expense of some wonderful images that I personally love.

My final selection is listed below. Maybe, on a technical level I tried something new, or captured something I had not achieved before. For example, this year was my very first UK beach wedding and the opportunity to capture something a little different, therefore there are a couple from that particular wedding. 

2016 has been my busiest year ever!  I never ever dreamed that within two years of starting up I would be capturing over 50 weddings and also booking the same for 2017,  I never believed it possible.  However this could not have been achieved without some amazing people who have supported and been there with me on a regular basis.  

Special thanks and love must first go to my amazing husband Scott, who has literally done everything to enable my dreams to come true and who personally picked up the baton that I dropped in order to devote so much time to my new business. To my family, who also ensure we both have the support with our family unit.  To those who I work with on a regular basis, my second shooters, Shane, Steven, Charlie and Ricky who all have assisted me this year to capture some fantastic weddings. I am so grateful for your skills, support and friendships, and finally to my couples, those who enable my dreams to actually come true, your faith and belief in my business has ensured that 2016 was ‘the’ best year to date and has allowed me to establish Marie Anson Photography.  I can’t express how grateful I am that you chose me to document your cherished memories.

Here’s to an equally amazing 2017!


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