Information for affected clients only!

We are currently facing unprecedented times as a result of the Covid-19 virus.

Due to the strict measures now in place regarding social distancing, it is very likely that some couples are facing the prospect of having to reschedule their wedding.

I fully understand that this is not something anyone wants to do, however it is now necessary to mange the spread of the disease and protect the vulnerable.  

In order to assist anyone affected and make it as easy as possible, I have created this simple calendar reference. You should be able to view my availability and identify any dates that are unavailable. 

PLEASE NOTE* This calendar is only for those affected by the virus and should not be used for anyone checking a new wedding date.

If you are a new customer it is important you still contact me personally to check your date, you can do this via the contact page.

To view my latest calendar on a mobile device

please click HERE:

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